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Capsaicin, Spicy Compound with Various Benefits

Capsaicin is an active ingredient in chili which causes spicy and hot taste. This substance is often used to reduce pain due to its anti-pain properties. In addition to reducing pain, capsaicin also has several other health benefits. What are the benefits? Come, see the following review. Capsaicin is naturally found in chili and paprika seeds. Capsaicin extract is widely used as an additive or food additive to preserve food or give a spicy flavor to food. In addition, capsaicin is also widely used as a supplement or medicine to overcome certain health problems. Various Capsaicin Benefits for Health Several studies have proven that capsaicin has anti-pain, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and even anticancer effects. Because it has various effects, capsaicin is widely used in the health sector to maintain health even to overcome several conditions, such as: 1. Relieve pain The efficacy of capsaicin that has been clinically proven is as an pain medication. The anti-pain properti
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Really Mother's Milk Triggers Baby Obesity

Not infrequently babies who consume breast milk look fatter than babies who are given formula milk. There are some mothers who feel happy with this. However, some others actually worry because it is often said to be at risk of obesity. The issue that says breast milk triggers obesity babies certainly confuse mothers. On the one hand, breast milk is important for infant growth and development, so babies need to be given exclusive breastfeeding during the first 6 months. On the other hand, there is an issue that says breastfeeding will increase the risk of obesity in infants. Facts Behind the Assumption that Breast Milk Cause Baby Obesity In fact, babies who are breastfed really grow faster during the first 3-4 months. But over time, the baby's growth will tend to slow down in line with the increased ability to move. Even in the first year, babies who are breastfed actually have more ideal body weight than babies who are given formula milk. Entering the age of 2 years, the wei

Mothers Must Be Careful of the Risk of Baby Powder

Baby powder is used to prevent baby's skin from becoming irritated, still feels soft, and smells good. But unfortunately behind all that goodness, baby powder saves the risk of health problems, and therefore can be dangerous. Some baby powder contains talc or talc. This content is quite dangerous if inhaled too often or too much because it can cause interference with the lungs and respiratory problems. If the baby is born prematurely and has a high risk of respiratory problems, then the talc content in baby powder can potentially harm the health of his lungs, even if only inhaled slightly. Side Effects of Baby Powder If you are not careful about using baby powder on your baby, the following side effects can occur: In the eyes and throat In the eyes, baby powder can have side effects such as irritation to the eyes and throat. In the lungs Pay attention to how you give baby powder because it can cause disturbances in the baby's lungs, such as coughing, shortnes